Let's say you're just starting on your indie author journey--or you're an established author, but you have the time to dedicate to your email marketing and you like building your own emails. Perhaps you just need a bit of direction on how you can connect with more readers, segment your audience, build automations, and increase your brand awareness.

Book me for an hour and we'll go through your list set up and recent emails together. I'll make suggestions on how you can quickly and easily improve your strategy, and you can ask me anything you want. 

MailerLite users: I can teach you how to set up effective auto-resend emails, automations, segmenting, beautiful landing pages, and more. 

Price: $149 for a one hour introductory, one-on-one consultation. $199/hr thereafter.

Email me at ashleylindemann at gmail.com to discuss setting up a consultation.