Shop Talker Newsletter Swap: 2018

(Yo, veterans: you can skip these rules, you already read them before.)

How it works

1. You offer up a free book to give away. I set it up as a freebie in BookFunnel—you just give me the files, I do the work!

2. I send you the list of who you're promoting each month for the next 4 months.

3. Every month, you share a link in your newsletter for another author's free book.

4. Every month, someone else shares your link in their newsletter.

5. After each month, in addition to getting your book into the hands of a bunch of new readers, you also get a CLEAN LIST of new subscribers and their first names. (No duplicates, no last names or funky weirdness. Just upload it straight to your newsletter provider!)


  • Your list grows like bonkers with high-quality subscribers*. 
  • You have an amazing free book giveaway to reward your readers every month
  • A bunch of readers from all over the romance spectrum become your new avid fans

*What makes them high quality? Anyone who subscribes to your list via this swap has already proven that they read another author's newsletter, which means they're likely to read yours in turn. They've also demonstrated that they're interested in your books by downloading one for free, rather than signing up for your list to try and win an unrelated prize. Win win!

Authors in 2017 averaged between 600-1200 subscribers per month, depending on the book they offered. (Newer books = more subscribers.)


$30/month or $100 up front for 4 months.


  • By signing up for the Shop Talker Newsletter Swap, you agree to participate in the swap for a 4 month period. The terms are May-August and Sept-Dec 2018. 
  • In April, you can decide if you'd like to stay for another 4 months.
  • Sign ups for new folks to join the swap are open the following dates:
    • March 15-April 15 (for May - August)
    • July 15-August 15 (for Sept - Dec)
  • If you forget to send out your monthly partner's free book, your new subscriber list for the month will be held until you have a chance to send it out.
    Please let me know as soon as possible, before the end of the month, if you'll be late sending out your free link. (It's okay, it happens!)

Note: You will cycle monthly between partners with larger mailing lists and smaller mailing lists, to help everyone's list grow as evenly as possible. Because of the widely varying list sizes, I can't make any guarantees about how many subscribers you will receive each month. It could be as little as 50 and as many as 2500, but over time your numbers will even out and you will grow!